Permaculture Event

17th Annual Advanced Permaculture Course in Teaching

In this dynamic and interactive course, you will learn significant teaching techniques to communicate Permaculture principles and strategies in a wide variety of settings. This Teacher Training unfolds as a design methodology and advocates the Permaculture Design Course Curriculum. Our goal is to encourage and inspire your unique strengths and talents by demonstrating diverse teaching modalities such as lecture, facilitating class discussions, storytelling, utilizing visual aids and hands-on projects.


Ready to build your own house? Start your own business? Just want to learn an artisan skill? Timberframing is a way to use our local timber resources and simple tools to build a strong, durable, and versatile frame for your home or any other structure, in which you could use a variety of wall systems both conventional and natural. You can build a tiny house or a multi-family lodge, or a school, a grange, a dance hall, a library; you can be practical, or wildly creative!

Suprabha Seshan: Restoration and Resistance in India

Suprabha Seshan, who visits Eugene on Wednesday November 7th 2016, is director of the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary (GBS) in the Western Ghat Mountains [one of the 8 most biodiverse spots on the planet] in India, where a small team of rural women employ skills that place them among the world’s most advanced plant researchers and conservationists. She has lived and worked there for twenty-two years.

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