Francesco Tortorici

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Francesco is an engineer and appropriate technology advocate.  He was the co-founder and Director of the Norwegian Center for Appropriate Technology in the 1970s.  His interest in appropriate technologies led him to attend the ETHOS (Engineers in Technical and Humani­tarian Opportunities of Service) Conference in 2011 and through that experience he has been associated with several NGOs in the northwest that focus on promoting clean cook stoves which produce biochar.  

He collaborated with a mushroom farmer in Sequim to develop a commercial gasifer stove used to pasteurize straw and make biochar.  For the past three years he has been involved with the Port of Port Townsend designing and building biochar filters to remove heavy metals form stormwater runoff.  Most recently Francesco has teamed with several local farms (Jefferson County) in the production and incorporation of biochar.  This includes trials conducted at WSU’s Twin View Ranch on Marrowstone Island.


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Olympic BioChar

Workshop 1 Title: 

Introduction to Biochar Production and Use

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Attendees will be presented with an overview of biochar production and uses, including local examples.  Biochar is produced in micro-gasifier stoves, kilns and industrial processes.  Micro-gasifier stoves create cooking heat while producing biochar. On an industrial scale the Port Townsend Paper Corporation produces biochar as a byproduct of its steam producing boiler.

Biochar can be used as a soil amendment and filter media for the removal of heavy metals.  Experiments are being done locally us­ing biochar for growing organic crops, improving garden soil and sequestering carbon for hundreds of years.  Details of an ongoing project at the Port of Port Townsend where biochar filters are removing heavy metals from stormwater runoff will be presented.  Trials at several local farms that both produce and incorporate biochar will be highlighted.

Workshop 2 Title: 

Micro-Gasifier Stove Demonstrations

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Small micro-gasifier stoves will be demonstrated.   These stoves can be use for emergency preparedness, backyard cooking and to produce biochar.

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power point projector

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Access to water for safety during demonstration. I will have a 5 gallon bucket for water.

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Waiving or reduction in conference registration fees

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Saturday 1:30 pm to 3:00
Saturday 3:45 to 4:15

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My times are flexible. I may be advisable to have the Power Point precede the demonstration (just before) if possible.