Healing Area

Pc-flower-HolmgrenOne of the petals on David Holmgren’s Permaculture Flower is Health & Spiritual Well-Being. Most people don’t equate health care as part of permaculture but applying permaculture to lifestyle cannot but help improve people health as they eat homegrown or local, nutrient-dense foods, reduce toxic exposures and use their bodies.

So the 2016 NWPCC will feature a healing area with massage tables, massage chairs, and mats so that massage can be part of the event. This gives a space where participants can trade massages, massage a friend or get some help from volunteer practitioners. The many other types of natural health therapies are welcome. One of the cabins will be allocated for an inside space and we will put up a canopy adjoining the cabin.

Booths which feature information, herbs, and related natural health topics can cluster around this. For instance, Denise Joy's Mountain Spirit Botanicals booth.

Practitioners can present workshops around this theme. For instance, local permaculturist Nala Walla will offer a presentation on Ecological Eating/Nutrition.

This new facet of the NWPCC is the brainchild of Hannah Poirier, who has experienced similar healing areas at other gatherings. If you’d like to be involved in the healing area, in any way please contact Hannah at Hannah@placecraft.org.