An Invitation to teach at the 9th Northwest Permaculture Conference

NWPCC Organizing Meeting

October 7-9, 2016, Fort Flager, Marrowstone Island, WA

People working in permaculture and related sustainability fields are invited to give one, or more, workshops, presentations, hands-on activities, demonstrations or plant walks. Our policy is inclusive rather than exclusive. We are open to presentations on the many topics related to permaculture. The NWPCC will feature advanced and beginner workshops. We are planning for 50 + presenters. A lot of information will be exchanged!



This year we are putting you in the driver's seat when it comes to setting up your Presenter Profile on the NWPCC website (of course, we can also do it for you if you prefer, but doing it yourself reduces the burden on our volunteer Presenter Coordinators). Having as complete presenter/workshop information as possible up on the website as early as possible helps make for a more successful Convergence and probably no one can do a write-up about you and what you want to present on better than yourself. When people see the fantastic line-up of workshops being offered, they can't help but register to attend. So, here's what to do: Some of you are new presenters and some are returning presenters. If you would like to enter a new profile or update your existing presenter profile, you will need to set up a user account on this website.

Presenters, please go HERE to log in or register a new user account. Once that's done, further instructions will be provided. If you're logged in and you want to edit your Presenter Profile, go HERE.

MEALS: All meals are provided from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. Fort Flagler has a commercial kitchen and dining hall and our cooks and helpers will be doing the cooking with food largely grown by participants and prepared with love.

SPONSORSHIP: Are you interested in being a NWPCC sponsor? There is a Sponsor Information Packet on the website.

PUBLICITY: We appreciate your help with publicity via newsletters; hanging posters; handing out handbills at events; sending to relevant email listserves, posting on your website, on-line calendars and Facebook pages; etc.

All presenters will be listed on our website along with your workshop information, Bio and your website url with link.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Permacordially, Michael Pilarski


Mail can be sent to
Michael Pilarski, NWPCC
PO Box 1133
Port Hadlock, WA 98339

Skillshare Presenters. There is a separate form for Skillshare presenters. We realize that some people may teach a workshop plus have a booth in Skillshare Village. Many people in the skillshare area will have specific times they are giving presentations at their booth. There is a lot of overlap. See the Skillshare menu for more on this.

Some of the possible formats:
are by one (or several) presenters with Q&A and group discussion.
Skillshare demos and hands-on activities.
Panels have multiple presenters and a Q&A section.
Plant walks.
Roundtable Discussions. Everyone sharing on a topic. Discussion, Group mind.
Working Groups. These are task-oriented groups which can continue working together after the convergence. They can meet once or several times, including during meal periods, evenings or during regular workshop periods.
Participatory excercizes.
Meal discussion groups. (scheduled at the event). Anyone can make a sign and put it at one of the meal tables for people to have an ad hoc discussion.

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