Thursday Night Accommodations, October 6

We have been getting increasing inquiries from people who want to stay overnight on Thursday night.
Our reservations do not start till Friday afternoon, but Fort Flagler has lots of individual campground sites they rent out.

Fort Flagler campsites are available on Thursday for $20 for no hookups and $30 for a site with full utilities. Free to veterans. Maximum of 8 people per campsite. Check-in is at 2:30 pm, check-out is 1:00 pm. For reservations call 888-226-7688.

We are looking for a place on Marrowstone Island or the Port Townsend area where people could camp out Thursday night free of charge.  
There are a diversity of motels in Port Townsend.
There is a big day of field trips on Friday for those who wish and a lot of us will be setting up the site on Friday afternoon, so if you are coming from far away, you might consider staying Thursday night. 
Stay tuned to this section of the website for further developments.

Fort Flagler Dormitories

The dormitory price is $30 per person per night including children but not babies.

We have reserved 4 dormitories. All of them have two stories. Hoskins 1 is closest to the center of the event and Richmond is the furthest.

All the Hoskins dorms are the same layout and Richmond is similar.

3 or 4 beds to each dormitory room. There is no front wall between the wide central corridor and the rooms in the Hoskins dorms and a cloth curtain for added privacy in Richmond.  There are bathrooms and showers on each floor. 

Hoskins 1: Holds 60 people, 30 on each floor. Downstairs is the men’s quarters. Upstairs is the women’s quarters. The upstairs bathroom is spiffier.

Hoskins 2: Holds 60 people. 30 on each floor.

Downstairs is families with children and couples.

Upstairs probably the same. We will see what the demand is for women’s, men’s and co-ed housing. 

Hoskins 3: Holds 60 people. 30 on each floor.

We may not use this dormitory. We won’t use it unless the other three are filled.

Richmond. Holds 52 people. 26 on each floor.

The nicest of the accommodations.  More privacy barriers for each room. Each room has an individual light switch. The dormitory is co-ed, but we will keep to the same gender in each room except for couples, families or where requested.  If a group of people wants to share a room please let us know. First come first served in this dormitory.  This dorm will sell out first.

These are not fancy motel rooms, but the price is low and they will provide you with a dry place, a bed to sleep in and a bathroom/shower close at hand.  People staying in dorms should plan on bringing a headlamp or pen flashlight to navigate the dorms if going in or out late at night. Hoskins has only one light switch for each floor, so all the lights go on or off at that switch.  Bring earplugs just in case. 

Fort Flagler Camping

Camping costs $15 per person per night including children but not babies.

We have rented two group campgrounds.  Wagon Wheel has a capacity of 80 people and Scout holds 40 people.  If we use all of this space up, Fort Flagler will rent us additional camping space in an adjacent field.  Pets must be on a leash at all times. There are public showers at Fort Flagler.

Wagon Wheel campground is closest to the main conference center and has a largish pavilion with 4 picnic tables under it, a large firepit. 2 vault toilets and it is located in a wooded area.

Scout campground is further away from the main area, in a more secluded wooded area, has 1 vault toilet, a fire ring and one open-sided shelter and 4 picnic tables (not under shelter).

Information we will need when you fill out your registration forms.

People registering for camping

How many people in party? (excluding babies)

Prefer Wagon Wheel campground

Prefer Scout campground

People registering for dormitories

How many people in party? (excluding babies)

Prefer Hoskin’s Men’s Dorm

Prefer Hoskin’s Women’s Dorm

Prefer Hoskins co-ed, couples, families Dorm

Prefer Madison co-ed, couples, families Dorm

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