Marisha Auerbach

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Marisha Auerbach is a permaculture teacher and consultant based in Portland, OR. She has been actively practicing, studying, and teaching Permaculture in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade, specializing in food production, seedsaving, ecology, and useful plants. Her practical experience has been gained while living in both rural and urban locations. Currently, Marisha teaches at Portland Community College, Pacific University, and offers an online permaculture program through Oregon State University. She also works with a number of non-profit organizations including Maya Mountain Research Farm, The City Repair Project, Aprovecho Education Center, and Fertile Ground Community Center. Marisha is committed to sharing her passions for food security, regenerative design, biological diversity, seedsaving, permaculture, ecology, cottage industry, and positive futures. She has developed several permaculture based businesses including a plant nursery, providing edible flowers and other gourmet specialty food items to restaurants, plantable greeting cards, and herbal medicines. Marisha has offered permaculture work from the forests of Vietnam to the Rocky Mountains of the United States to the stressed conditions of Haiti. She holds advanced permaculture certificates in Permaculture Aid Work and Keyline Planning. Marisha graduated from the Evergreen State College in 1998 where she focused on ethnobotany, ecological agriculture, and sustainability studies. She currently resides in Portland, OR.





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Permaculture Rising

Permaculture Rising's mission is to promote and progress the healing of our planet and establishment of an ecologically harmonious human civilization using the Permaculture design system. We are dedicated to the spread of Permaculture, and offer education, design, and media services towards these ends.

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Permaculture in Southern Belize

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A slideshow presentation

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power point projector

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