Meals & Donating Food

Meals will be included in the price of weekend admission and one-day passes. We will be serving Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Fort Flagler has a large, commercial kitchen and dining hall and our cooks and helpers will prepare food largely grown by participants. Food grown with love and prepared with love. Delicious, nutrient-dense, diverse meals with options to satisfy vegans, vegetarians, omnivores and gluten-free palates.
We are suggesting that everyone who attends the whole conference put at least an hour of work into the kitchen or other needed tasks.  There will be sign up charts at registration. This is optional rather than a strict requirement.  We hope that most people will want to help.

Permaculture is a lot about growing food, so we have always made a big deal out of eating the food we have grown ourselves.  Everyone is encouraged to bring food donations, preferably food they have grown, raised, wildcrafted or processed.  We also get donations from local farmers and buy food locally.  In 2009, participants brought 85% of the food!. Our 2016 goal is 50% or more. Not everyone grows food but many of us do. It's a request, not a requirement.
Jeanette Martens is heading up the kitchen/cooking/chef team.  Jeannette is a vegan cook but she is lining up other local chefs for diversity and to share the big work load. Meal prep and cleanup is the biggest job at the convergence.  A lot of our worktrade crew will be in the kitchen.

Food List -- Donations sought

Greeting friends,

We have just under two weeks until our event and I am excited to tell you we have a miraculous crew from near and far preparing an amazing menu for you. We will satisfy all by providing well rounded, mostly plant based meals with meat, dairy and GF options for those with full day and full weekend passes. Its harvest time and our ingredient list is long. We are hoping to procure most of our ingredient from you, our participants. If you could donate anything from this list please contact me directly (Jeannette). At

15-20lbs Mixed salad greens | 5lbs sunflower seeds | 1 gallon orange juice | 20+lbs Mushrooms | 100 lbs GF Flour (no garbanzo flour in mix) | 25lbs white quinoa | Fresh herbs | Sage, rosemary, thyme, parsley, mint, cilantro (large amounts of all of the above) | ½ gallon peanut butter | 10 lbs butter | 10 lbs earth balance | 15 gallons Unsweetened coconut milk (sodelcious brand 60 quarts) | 5lbs Salt and pepper | Jam or jelly | 1 case dates | ½ gallon maple syrup | Lots of bread GF and vegan options | 60+lbs GF rolled oats ( | 50lbs sugar | 3lbs cinnamon | 250lbs apples, pears, or plums (other seasonal fruit welcome, fresh not frozen)(this will come locally) | 5+gal of Olive oil | 12 gallons refined coconut oil | 100lbs Winter squash (kabocha, red kuri, hubbard, delicata) | 35lbs fillet salmon (wild caught, and preferably a Native American source). | 5lbs raisins | Lots of kale (seriously lots) | 15 cases (12 each case) organic extra firm tofu | 1 gallon balsamic vinegar | 1 gallon apple cider vinegar | 1 large jar or 4packages Veggie bullion no salt (Rapunzel brand?) | 60 lbs onion | 2 cases green cabbage (20lbs?) | 10lbs red lentils | 50+lbs carrots | 2 cases cauliflower (20lbs?) | 4- 12lb boxes of free range boneless skinless thighs of chicken (key city?) | 15lbs garbanzo beans | 40lbs parsnips | 10lbs garlic | 40lbs beets | 40+lbs Tomatoes | 10-15lbs cucumbers | Baking powder | Chilis and peppers (any variety) | 50 lbs zuchinni | 75 dozen eggs | Half and half for coffee | 4 gallons Whole cow milk yogurt | 4 gallons sauerkraut | Mixed nuts | Spices | Whole cumin | Whole coriander | Turmeric powder | Whole clove | Whole cinnamon | Hulled cardamom | Ginger root | Nutmeg | Red pepper flakes.

If you have other food items to donate, email Jeannette to see if she can work it into the menu.


The tea kitchen is looking for donations of

Honey (need 1 gallon)
Bagged teas
Loose tea
Organic half and half.
Organic coffee  (3 #).

If you can supply any of this contact Jennimae at

Food procurement in order of preference:
1. Food produced and donated by NWPCC participants.
2. Donations from farmers and food companies.
3. Buy food from local farmers and food companies.
4. Buy bulk from a natural food distributor(s).
5. Buy from a grocery chain, such as Costco. We will only use regular grocery stores for a small amount of our food.
Bring food to donate to our common kitchen!
Greens, vegetables, root crops, honey, nuts, fruits, grains, ferments, spices, etc,
What would you like to share!?
Food donations, how it works.
It helps if you tell us what (and quantities) you are bringing ahead of time. Let us know. Please email Jeannette Martens through our Contact page.
We will have a receiving station to accept incoming food donations, sort it and get it to the cooks.  We have a person we call the food commissar who oversees this job.
We aim to be a green gathering with low waste. All cardboard can be used for sheet mulching. Food wastes can be recycled via local livestock or composting. No Styrofoam. No throw-away plates, cups, etc.  Fort Flagler has lots of dishware but it is always a good idea to bring your own cup, plate, bowl and utensils.
If you’d like to be on the food team please email Jeannette Martens through our Contact page.

Or through