Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski

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Michael Pilarski has been studying and teaching permaculture since 1981.  He combines his love of science and permaculture with a love for Nature and the Earth. He has also been studying the world of Nature Spirits and fairies since 1977 and is the founder of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress, an annual event since 2001.  How can the science of permaculture synthesize with nature spirit cooperation to create a beautiful and ecologically balanced Earth?


Port Hadlock



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Friends of the Trees Society
Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild
Northwest Permaculture Convergence

Friends of the Trees Society (FTS) is a small, grassroots non-profit which has been operating continually since 1978-- 37 years of service to the trees and to tree-lovers worldwide.

The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild is a network of permaculture practitioners who inhabit a region of the northwestern U.S. between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Rocky Mountain Range. We host annual gatherings and operate this interactive website to facilitate communication among Guild members and between the Guild and the greater community to inform ourselves and others about the promise of permaculture.

The Northwest Permaculture Convergence (NWPCC) is an inclusive annual weekend-long event that alternates between Oregon and Washington State. The Convergence brings together a remarkable diversity of people, all with creative approaches for designing living environments, and economic and culture systems that thrive within ecologically sustainable limits. Everyone who practices the ideals of Permaculture speaks a common language across the Northwest and all over the world.

Workshop 1 Title: 

Intentional Communities Roundtable

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A networking round-table of people who are in communities looking for new members and people who are interesting in starting or joining communities.  The roundtable might have to meet more than one time to satisfy the needs of those present.  This may, or may not, want to combine with Bruce Horowitz’s roundtable on Access to Land.

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Indigenous Voices Panel

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I recently attended the Indigenous Voices Panel at the North American Permaculture Convergence in Hopland, California.  There was a big crowd to hear the panel. We want to do an Indigenous Voices Panel at NWPCC and are looking for nominations of who to invite to be on the panel.  Besides the Port Gamble S’Klallam, we are currently talking to people at the Lummi Northwest Indian College, the Squaxin Tribe Garden manager, Susan Balbas at the Na-ah Illahee Fund, HeIdi Bohan and others.  This is still coming together. Read more...