Nala Walla

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Nala Walla,  MS, NTP, is an educator, performer, and nutritional therapist devoted to restoring vitality to the Body at multiple levels:  personal, political, and planetary.  She holds a masters degree in Integrative Arts and Ecology, and is founding member of the BCollective: an umbrella organization dedicated to creation of healthy and sustainable culture through the embodied arts.  Currently, Nala performs with the Harmonica Pocket Children's Show, and practices permaculture and off-grid homesteading full-time on Marrowstone Island.   Nala maintains a private Wellness Coaching practice integrating nutrition and somatics.  More information, including published work, is available at, and


Marrowstone Island



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The BCollective
The BCOLLECTIVE is a rural-based umbrella organization dedicated to promoting wholistic understanding and revisioning of sustainable community, and providing the means for its practical implementation through active crosspollination between the arts and sciences. The BCOLLECTIVE aims to blend arts practice, teaching and performance with permaculture principles in order to build a thriving, commonsense model of community.  Located on a rural Pacific Northwest Island, BCOLLECTIVE provides residential opportunities to artists interested in the grounding influence that nature and simple living can offer their work.
BCollective member Nala Walla offers Wellness Coaching and Somatic Repatterning.  Repatterning work combines nutritional and epigenetic sciences with somatic practices (along with a helping of good old common-sense) to approach wellness in a way that honors the entire mind-body system. By gently increasing awareness of our habits and their connections to pain, tension and fatigue, we begin the process of "reprogramming"' healthier patterns. 

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Zone Zero: Towards an Embodied Activism

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Our own body is our most direct link to the Earth, and therefore a perfect place to begin upon an Earth-activist path. In this presentation, we will examine how principles of permaculture design and whole systems theory are organically related to the principles of somatic and performance arts. Embodied practices and play will be viewed as essential to 'The Great Turning' towards a just and sustainable culture. We will begin with a short slideshow presentation, then clear out the chairs and tables for some community building games, and kinesthetic learning.  No experience necessary, just come with an open mind, and be prepared to blur the line between work and play.

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Ecological Eating

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Foodies Unite!  If our bodies are our most direct link to the Earth, then our inner ecology reflects the outer ecology and vice versa.  This presentation will explore how a focus on nutrient dense foods impacts our larger landscape and empower us to make informed choices around consuming and producing food.   Discussion will be encouraged around rotational grazing, agroforestry, carbon farming, microecology and related topics.