Northwest Permaculture Reunion!

CONVERGENCE OF THE GENERATIONS is a theme for this year's event. Every Convergence is a reunion of new and old permaculturists and 2016 is no exception.  The NWPCC will be a reunion of all the cohorts. 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s cohorts.  Northwest Permaculture is in its 4th cohort (if we count cohorts as a decade long).  Let’s bridge the age gap and communicate more across the ages and discuss ageism. We encourage the younger permaculturists to come mentor the pioneers, give workshops, and have a reunion of their own. Hannah Poirier, Pandora Thomas, and Molly Winter are some of our younger presenters and we’d like to see many more.

Northwest Permaculture Pioneers Reunion!

The first cohort of Northwest permaculturists will be having a reunion at the 2016 Northwest Permaculture Convergence (NWPCC). I loosely define the first cohort as people who took their first pdc or who became significantly involved in permaculture in the 1980s decade. Also invited are permaculture pioneers who started in the 1980s in another part of the USA or world and who now live in the Northwest.  Also invited are people who started their pc career in the Northwest in the 80s but than moved away. Larry Santoyo (now in southern California) for instance.
This is the first (deliberate) permaculture pioneers reunion that I know of in the Northwest (or in the USA). It will be interesting to see what happens.  Sure we will a group meeting to talk about the state of the movement. We can have a group photo. We would like to see oral (video) interviews with all of the pioneers. We will talk about mentoring and talk to people who are looking for mentors. This most likely will be your only chance to see all this permaculture old-growth assembled at one event.  A precursor for reunions in the decades to come. 
We expect most of the pc pioneers to give a presentation or two. We plan a storytelling session, oral history of the origins and early days of NW pc.   Some sort of recognition ceremony will happen at one of the circles and some voice at one of the plenary sessions (and a counterpoint of having some young firebrands talk about their plans for the movement.) 
It has been interesting to watch our first cohort mature and age.  Most of us are now in our 60s and 70s. A few have formally retired, a few have died, but most of us are still chugging along.  More and more, we will be passing the torch to the cohorts coming up behind us (and of course already they are carrying a lot of the ball). 
Permaculture elders and youth fishbowl meetup.  This idea just came out of a conversation between Molly Winter and Michael Piarski. We are thinking that we could have a session with permaculture elders talking about the state of the permaculture movement and their role in it - with the youth listening and then have the youth in the middle talking about the state of the permaculture movement and their role in it - with the elders listening. Of course, this begs the question what about the middle cohorts who can’t claim youth or elder status. Do they get a turn in the middle?  Stay tuned to see what we come up with.  
for further info on the Reunion contact Michael Pilarski,
Here is the current list of 1980s pc pioneers who are coming, thinking of coming, etc.
Charlotte Anthony
Sam Benowitz,
Mike Brondi
Doug Bullock,
Joe Bullock,
Michael Crofoot
Michael Dolan,
Jim Gilbert,
Kristan Johnson,
Larry Korn,
Huckleberry Leonard
Mike Maki,
Mark Musick,
Michael Pilarski
Gil Schieber.
Ann Schwartz
Forest Shomer,
Joshua Smith
Paul Stamets,
Want to come but haven’t confirmed yet.
Munk Bergin,
Sam Bullock,
Will Carey,
Jude Hobbs,
Sego Jackson.
Rick Landt,
Rick Valley,
Have been invited but haven’t responded (or I don’t have their correct email)
Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley,
Sheri Litwin, (Anya Woestwin)
Dan McGrath,
Tom Ward,
I don’t have contact info for.  Anyone have contacts for them?
Willow Rain,
Liz Richardson,
Carl Woestendieck, (Carl Woestwin)
Would like to come but cannot make it
Oliver Kelhammer
Penny Livingston
Simon Henderson
John Cruickshank
Who else should be on this list? (Started with pc in the 1980s)

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