Participants/Booths in the Permaculture Expo & Skillshare Village

Here are the 23 booths and people we have confirmation on.  More are in the works.  We are still taking applications.  See the online vendor form.
Alderleaf Permaculture College
Skillshare Village demonstrations and outreach.
David Boehnlein
Selling and signing his book. Practical Permaculture: for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth.
Heidi Bohan
A booth in the Skillshare Village featuring nuts and nut oils, and selling her book Cascadia.
Burnt Ridge Nursery
Nursery stock, fruit and nuts.
Circle Healing Essential Oils
Essential oils and information.
Friends of the Trees Society
A big permaculture bookstore and dried herbs.
Fungi Perfecti
We will be selling Paul's books for signing. We will also answer any mushroom questions and have a plug spawn demo.
Finer Fiber Arts
Skillshare Village focused on weaving with weeds and other common plant material
Inspiration Farm
A display of scythes and hand tools.
Kyle Koch
A Nature Museum table with all kinds of cool things collected from the living world around us. We will talk about Wildlife Tracking, Bird Language, Survival, Ethonobotany and how that all relates to permaculture and stewarding the earth.
Larry Korn
Selling and signing his books on Masanobu Fukuoka.
Oasis Edible Naturescapes
A Permaculture Landscape business in Seattle.
Oatsplanter Seeds
A local seed company in Jefferson County.
One Green World
Nursery stock.
Permaculture Rising, Herb’n Wisdom
Pleasure Medicine

Herbal products.
Deanna Pumplin
Space in the bookstore.
Raintree Nursery
Nursery Stock.
Skipley Farm
Nursery Stock
Paul Taylor, author of The Biochar Revolution is in the area and will give a workshop and have a “booth for biochar-making stoves, my book, a drum TLUD display, a small KT, display.
Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation
Public outreach.
Wilderness Awareness College
Skillshare Village and outreach.
Travis Roland, Beekeeper.
Display and education on honeybees.
Others to be announced.
We are accepting applications to be in the Expo, Skillshare Village and Healing Area.