This year’s Northwest Permaculture Convergence will feature a Permaculture Fruit & Nut Show which will include a display of a wide diversity of fruits and nuts grown in the Pacific Northwest. We will have a lot of unusual fruits and nuts not commonly seen. A multitude of unusual species and varieties. We are checking into tastings, plant sales and more. There will be excellent workshops at every workshop period on Saturday and Sunday. Convergence participants include some of the Northwest’s most illustrious fruit enthusiasts.

Sam Benowitz of Raintree Nursery, Mike Ewanciw of the Seattle chapter of the Cascades Fruit Society and Kristan Johnson of the Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation are collaborating to bring about 100 varieties of apples and pears with a smattering of other fruits. They are bringing enough that many varieties can be in the Tastings.  Sam told me today, that just between who he knew of bringing fruit that we’ll have over 200 varieties to look at. And there are many people he doesn't know of.

One Green World Nursery is bringing a lot of medlars and more .

Ed Suij, a Dutch horticulturist from Orcas island says “We can bring some special fruits, like the “Suij" pear and a bunch of pears that not too many people have, like the Legipont, Triomphe de Vienne, Sucre de Mont Luchon, Belle Lucrative and more.

Nick Segner of Wildcat Valley Farm in Sequim will bring some of the 100 apple varieties on their place.

Blythe Barbo of Barbolian Farm in Sequim is bringing medlars, cornelian cherry dogwood, autumn olive and others.

Joseph Bayley is bringing apples, maybe more.

Burnt Ridge Nursery (Michael Dolan and crew) will have a huge spread in a 20x25’ canopy, so expect to see a lot of nuts and fruit there for sale and to look at.

Michael Pilarski is bringing quantities of Ken’s Red, hardy kiwifruit which was developed in New Zealand by his friend Ken Nobb. As well as a beaked, green hardy kiwi with red flesh which we figure one of the kiwi experts can tell us what variety it is.

We haven’t heard from Doug and Joe Bullock from the Bullock Brothers Homestead Nursery or Gil Schieber of Skipley Farm about what the are bringing but they both have lots.

Besides the above, we are anticipating that dozens of other people will be bringing fruit to display.  I believe that hundreds of pounds of apples have been pledged to the kitchen already. 

PS. from Siberia: Jim Gilbert has acres of rare and interesting fruits at his Molalla, Oregon property but he may not have time to pick anything for the display as he is flying in from Korea the day before from fruit exploring there. Aline Prentice, our AV projection specialist just happened to meet Jim Gilbert in Siberia at the end of September when they by chance ended up rooming next to each other in a remote Russian town.  Jim and Lorraine were there checking out local Sea Berry production and varieties. Aline is a Russian/English translator. They will meet again on Friday at the NWPCC.

PPS. Breaking news:  This just in from Gil Schieber of Skipley Farm in Snohomish.

“Title of my talk ‘8 years to profit-planning a holistic (fruit) farm’. 15,000 pounds of apples have been picked. I can bring a box of or two of new varieties. Man, I got nice apples this year due to hygiene and clay.”

PPPS: We will be doing a Fruit Tasting in the Theatre during the Saturday evening contra dance, and another Tasting at the Fruit & Nut Display tent during Sunday lunch period.

Come check out the fruit and nuts

and the people behind them, the fruit nuts, aka the nutty fruits.

Michael Dolan of Burnt Ridge Nursery, Michael will present a workshop on “The Ultimate Food Plant - Chestnuts in the Northwest”. Michael has decades of experience with chestnuts and has trialed over 70 varieties to find out what works well here.

Jim Gilbert of Northwoods Nursery, founder and former owner of One Green World nursery. Jim will give a presentation on “Temperate zone fruit exploring and the useful fruit varieties we have found, both in Eurasia and North America.” Jim has done a lot of traveling in the former Soviet Union, and many other parts of the world.
Sam Benowitz of Raintree Nursery,

Kristan Johnson of the Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation will do a power point introducing the WWFRF fruit garden and many, unusual fruits nuts and berries. WWFRF will have a booth in the Expo.

Doug and Joe Bullock from the Bullock Brothers Homestead Nursery. Over 1,000 plant species on their property!

Gil Schieber of Skipley Farm. Gil now has 220 apple varieties, 30 plum varieties, 20 grape varieties and so on.

Mike Maki, Agroforestry Associates, long time researcher into Seaberry/Sea Buckthorn

Nick Segner, Sequim. Grows over 100 varieties of apples.

Joshua Smith. The NWPCC will be the release party for his new book Botanical Treasures: Multi-Use Plants for Sustainable Systems.

Notable fruit enthusiast Ed Suij is coming from Orcas Island. He writes “We  can bring some special fruits, like the “Suij" pear (see Raintree Catalogue), a  late season keeper pear that my father developed in Holland and ended up at Raintree by way of the Bullocks. I have probably a bunch of pears that not too many people have, like the Legipont, Triomphe de Vienne, Sucre de Mont Luchon, Belle Lucrative and more. (If they last, as the season is about 3 weeks ahead of last year!). I have been experimenting for 35 years here (got here same year as Bullocks) with fruit, wild grafting, food forests etc. I have more plums varieties than anybody on the Islands. Did 40 market days last season, this year up to 25 already! Have info to share about special grafting techniques, and what takes on what.  Also have been battling pests, like raccoons, codling moth, Suzuki fruitfly (spotted wing Drosofila) and can share results.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg of fruit and nut people presenting and attending.
Permaculture people in general are way into fruits and nuts.

All convergence attendees are invited to bring unusual fruits and nuts they have grown (or can get their hands on). This will be an eye-popping display. Seeing is believing. We will have many tables laden with labeled fruits and nuts. We will eat the display at Sunday lunch (inasmuch as possible). It helps if you can let us know ahead of time what you are bringing, but bringing fruit and nuts at the last minute is okay too. Surprize us!

Let’s face it, all fruits and nuts can be used in permaculture systems and all fruit & nuts can be grown by anybody else under the sun. So all fruit & nut enthusiasts are invited including members of the North Olympic Fruit Club, the Olympic Orchard Society, the West Cascade Fruit Society and it’s eight chapters, the Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation, City Fruit, the Home Orchard Society, etc. This will an All About Fruit Show with a permaculture twist.

If you’d like to display, teach, participate or attend our Fruit Show contact:

Other All-About-Fruit shows happening in the Northwest are the:

Seattle All About Fruit Show, October 8-9 ?

The North Olympic Fruit Club Apple and Fruit Show on October 30th from 11am until 4pm. It will be at the Tri Area Community Center in Chimacum. There will be fruit on display and for tasting. The event is FREE and family friendly. http://jcmgf.org/north-olympic-fruit-club-apple-and-fruit-show/

2016 All About Fruit Show. October 15-16 at Clackamas County Fairgrounds, Canby, Oregon. The biggest and first of the All About Fruit Shows. http://www.homeorchardsociety.org/events/2016-fruit-show/