We ask that everyone who registers for the Convergence volunteer for two hours during the event. Volunteering is FUN and the only way to both build community and understand what it takes to make the change we're seeking! We will have a Volunteer Coordinator at Registration to help you to sign up for your shift(s). If you need to work enough to waive the majority of your entry fee, see the Registration page.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

The 2017 Northwest Permaculture Convergence September 29-October 1 in Portland/Vancouver will be carried out by a group of paid coordinators and volunteers.  Apply to with the job you're interested in and your skills and experience.

Current Jobs needing Coordinators
* Timely and good communications skills are a must for all positions
* All these tasks have mentors for answering questions and help 
* Coordinators can also be creative how they manage their tasks
* This is fun for a great cause!  Part of the Great Leap Forward!

Webmaster      Hourly rate $25
*** Manages the website.
*** Works with the Board and coordinators on content.
*** Facilitates use of convergence e-mails.

Convergence Co-Coordinator  - Stipend $1500 - Works with Pat Rasmussen
***Convergence Co-Coordinator is the event ringleader, needs to like working with people, well organized, energetic, self initiating, helpful, good communication skills. Event experience, ideally knows some history about the convergence - board can provide much of this background info.
***Needs to know what the responsibilities are of other coordinators and makes sure other coordinators  know their tasks.
*** Liaison between the convergence and venue.
*** Create the convergence vision and implementation plan along with the Board. Has a particular board member as liaison.
*** Works with all coordinators and board to fill all needed job positions.
*** Maintains communication with all coordinators.
*** Maintains a record of the details of organizing for the convergence to leave a clear path for the next convergence coordination.  
***Facilitates communications between coordinators who need to work together.
***Proactive - checks up on other coordinators to see how its going without being obtrusive.
***Keeps lists of convergence tasks and log of overall operation updated.

Volunteer coordinator  - Stipend $500
*** All attendees are asked to volunteer for at least 2 hours.  This info is made clear on the website so people will know what’s expected and some people might volunteer online.
In the past, the volunteer coordinator has posted themselves [a helper could do this, too] at registration with the schedule organized by time, need, where, what's the task, how many volunteers are needed. Each volunteer receives a sticker to put on their bracelet  to remind themselves of when, what, where they volunteer.
*** Works with the registrar to set up a system for people to volunteer online before the event.
*** Makes a list of volunteer numbers needed at which times by consulting with the kitchen team and other teams that will need volunteers like set up, registration, on going help.
*** Sets up volunteer sign-up sheets at on-site registration.
*** Manages the volunteer scene during the event, especially welcoming people into their kitchen shifts.
- Note - Whats the difference between volunteer and work trade?
Volunteer time is short, 2 hours.  Everyone at the convergence is asked to volunteer. It's just part of the experience. There is no price break for simple volunteer tasks.
Work trade is work in exchange for cost of registration. In the past, 4 or 8 hours. - 4 hours work for half cost of registration, 8 hours work for full registration. Work trade persons fill out a form and are asked several questions including what skills they may have useful to the convergence and when they want to work.

Work trade coordinator
***The work trade coordinator manages people doing a work trade.
***Work trade is work in exchange for cost of registration. In the past, 4 or 8 hours - 4 hours work for half cost of registration, 8 hours work for full registration.
***Event coordinator and site coordinator with input from other coordinators decides how many work traders are needed and where they will go. This info is shared with the Work Trade Coordinator (WTC) so the WTC can make a chart of when, where and how many work traders go.
***The work trade coordinator receives requests [via the website] from potential work traders.  The WTC sends a form to potential work traders and asks for various information to best place the work trader. Most but not all WTs are accepted, best for them to apply early. The WTC along with advice from the site coordinator decide which work trade applications are accepted.
***By registration time, the WTC has provided the Registrar  with a “will call” list of work traders so she is expecting them.
***Also by registration time, the WTC should contact the work traders where and when they do their work trade.
***Work traders send the WTC a check for registration costs. At the end of the convergence, the work trader asks the coordinator[s] they  worked with for a voucher saying the work trader did their tasks. This voucher is taken to the WTC and if all is in order, the work trader’s check is returned.

Fundraising Coordinator - Ideally a person local to Portland
***Should be good on the phone,, actually, this is a fun task!
If two people doing this, they need to coordinate who is calling who.
*** Uses a sponsorship packet which outlines tiers of donations and our thanks as publicity, vending booths, etc. 
*** Solicits and tracks sponsorships, and works with Convergence Coordinator to know what in-kind donations to ask for.
*** Sets up crowd-funding mechanisms like Indiegogo or Gofundme.
*** Applies for grants.
*** Manages the sponsor Mailchimp e-mail list. Detailed directions are available.
***The City Repair website has a great list of people and businesses that have supported the VBC.  Those can all be contacted. 

Trade show/vendor coordinator  - Ideally a person local to Portland
*** Works to recruit, organize, and facilitate the needs of potential vendors for the vendor site.
*** Stays in close contact with the design team to develop the design and layout of vendor facilities and signage.
*** Determines fees and siting for trade show vendors, solicits & registers them.
*** Arranges logistics for tables/chairs, electricity, unloading, etc.
*** Makes the rounds periodically to see if anyone needs help.
*** Works with Site Coordinator, Sponsor Coordinator, and Outreach Team.

Outreach Team   - Stipend $500
*** The coordinator oversees that outreach and publicity are comprehensive.
*** Writes press releases for multiple venues. [works closely with board too for message content]
*** Manages social media (and adds some relevant ones like Youtube).
*** Manages poster distribution and updates, and much more.
*** Keeps things up to date, interests our audience, makes NWPCC go viral, both online and word of mouth.
*** Works with Convergence Coordinator, Recordings Coordinator.
*** All staff keep this person updated so they can be doing publicity on all facets of the Convergence.
*** Keeps field Outreach team updated.
***Reaches out to local print,TV, radio.
***Try to get stories about the convergence.
***Perhaps radio interviews - can ask board member to do interview.
***Needs to be someone familiar with this and past convergences.
*** Additionally, we are looking for regional point people with a small budget to do outreach in their area. These are:
•    Portland
•    Ashland/ SW Oregon
•    Seattle
•    Greater Willamette Valley  [Jan can help with this]
•    Oregon Coast
•    Greater Puget Sound

Presenter Coordinator
*** A point person who can work with the Board to solicit and keep a good balance of topics and presenters at the Convergence. There should be, at this point, a pretty well-defined set of topical tracks already decided for the presenter coordinator.
*** Sets up a system/spread sheet/chart (that a team could input) for managing workshop types, titles, rooms, AV needs, pictures and bios for the website, and presenter assistance with registration, accommodations, etc, as well as any announcements and solicitation to find the right people.
*** Arranges the introductions of keynote speakers.
*** Arranges moderators for any panels.
*** The coordinator, or their team, also makes a printed program and transfers info & updates to big bulletin boards at the event.  Can work with sign crew.
*** Works with Site Coordinator, Webmaster, & AV Worktraders.
***Presenter coordinator needs to gather info from presenters - short description of the presentation, a brief bio of the presenter,, photo of the presenter.  This info needs to go on the website.  Important to be persistent with presenters.
***Jan Spencer can help mentor.

Skillshare Village Coordinator – Best Local to Portland
*** Solicits people to do hands-on and skillshare activities.
*** Helps with space set-up, sometimes extra tools and supplies, and any assistance needed during the event.
*** Topics for this area can be: primitive skills, smithing, spinning, weaving, fiber craft, skills of all sorts that can be demonstrated or be hands-on.
*** The Skillshare Village has its own schedule posted of activities throughout Saturday and Sunday. Coordinator makes this schedule
*** Works with Site Coordinator (especially to know what can/cannot be done), Presenter Coordinator, and Webmaster.

Neighborhood Coordinator  - Ideally a person local to Portland
***Specific to someone who is familiar with the neighborhoods in Portland. Outreach to neighborhoods.

Accommodations Coordinator  - Ideally a person local to Portland
*** Lines up yards, rooms, and couches for people to camp in or stay.
*** Looks into options for hotel bulk rates and variety of housing types.
*** Organizes the contact names, addresses, directions, maps, parking details, phone numbers, and fees that some may ask for camping space.
*** Sets up a format for participants to match themselves with lodging and start communications between them. Works with Registrar.

*** Oversees finished products and the team (of worktraders) who is gathering videos, pictures, interviews, etc.
•    Audio and video recording. Perhaps interviews to be broadcast/online.
•    Live streaming
•    You tube

***In the evenings we hope to see dances, song circles, dinner music, fireside jams, fire juggling, skits, what have you. These can be at the main site or at various campfires in the neighborhood, and different setup and support will be needed at each.
***Participants can bring musical instruments and jam, song circles, etc, and this person updates convergence-goers and how/where to get involved.

Decoration coordinator  - Ideally a person local to Portland
***Plans and creates decorations.

Sign Making
***Lots of signs to be made.  A few painted but many can be made as a word doc, sent to a printer and enlarged.  Convergence covers the cost of printing. 
***Sign maker works with the site coordinator.

On-site Builder
***Works with the convergence coordinator to develop the look and feel of the convergence.
***This will include installation of the main space, kitchen, vendors’ pavilion and structural support for wayfinder signage.