Program Schedule

The Convergence program is coming into focus. There will be presentations about urban, rural and social permaculture from home scale to community and beyond. It's all about living more local and green. It's all about making creative and positive use of what is available.

Bridge building is a core part of the program. Look for presentations from people and groups not usually identified with permaculture. We want to mix, mingle, show, tell and cross fertilize.

There will be space for geographic regions to meet. Keynote addresses will come from City Repair about place making. Another keynote will be a panel bringing together diverse sectors of the community to show green and resilient common cause. Another will focus on design in rural places.

Join us for the site tours on Friday the 29th, morning and afternoon—21st century pioneers transforming the urban landscape.

The Expo will feature sponsors, vendors, and educational exhibits.

Please check back for updates and please help us put the word out about the Convergence!

Friday September 29th​

9:00 am   Site Setup  
10:00 am Begin site tours    
11:00 am Convergence Coordinators' Meeting
12:00 pm Trade Fair and Vendor move-in
2:00 pm Participant and Camping check-in What is Permaculture? Booth
5:00 pm Opening Circle outdoors
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Opening Remarks
7:45 pm Keynote: Mark Lakeman and the City Repair Team
9:30 pm Films
Offering Fire


Saturday September 30th​

6:00 am Yoga/Meditation/Chanting/Running
7:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am Morning Circle, Announcements
9:00 am Keynote: David Ahlgren

Session 1

10:45 am Basics Green & Resilient Urban Rural Social Economy
  "Permaculture 101"
Kimberly Leeper
"Building Bridges for Green and Resilient Homes, Neighborhoods, Economy, & Culture"
Jan Spencer
"Action on the Urban Edge"
Glenn Herlihy
"Your Present and Future Climate Analogues"
Andrew Millison
"Emergency Preparation, Permaculture, and Social Justice and Connection"
Melanie Rios
"Greywater Use"
Patrick Loderhose
12:15 pm Lunch

Session 2

2:00 pm Basics Green & Resilient Urban Rural Social Economy
  "The Philosopher-Gardener of Permaculture as Established by Bill Mollison and Others"
Justin Burke, PhD
"Kailash Eco Village—Green & Resilient Model for the Community"
Ole Ersson
"Growing Proven NW Fruit Varieties"
Sam Benowitz
"Permaculture is Delicious—Hawthorn Farm"
Alexia Allen
"Integrating Biochar in Permaculture Design"
Peter Hirst
"Stone Soup Gardens"
Jake Harris

Session 3

3:30 pm Basics Green & Resilient Urban Rural Social Economy Skillshare
  "Designing a Front Door Garden"
Rick Valley
"Aspects of a Green & Resilient Economy"
Joel Magnuson

"Why is Everyone Saying Something Different?! - Hugelkultur"
Aaron Armstrong

"Designing Swales on Contour"
David Ahlgren
"Social Forestry"
Tom Ward
"Green Your Landscape with Greywater"
Laura Allen
"MythShare–Co-creating a New Permaculture Tradition Story"
Willi Paul
5:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Keynote: "Creating Green and Resilient Neighborhoods, Economy, and Culture"—Jan Spencer, Ole Ersson, Joel Magnuson, Melanie Rios, and Solveig Nilsen-goodin
9:00 pm Film Screening: "Abundant Land" - Natasha Florentino, an independent documentary filmmaker from NY, presents a 60-minute documentary which follows a group of Hawaiian residents on the island of Moloka’i as they oppose the biotech industry's use of their land to test genetically engineered seeds. After the film screening there will be a discussion with the film’s director, Natasha Florentino.


Sunday October 1st​

6:00 am Yoga/Meditation/Chanting/Running
7:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am Morning Circle, Announcements

Session 4

9:00 am Basics Green & Resilient Urban Rural Social Economy
  TBA "Building Bridges—Facilitated Discussion" "From Retrofit to Neighborhood Outreach"
Marisha Auerbach
"Bridge Between Holistic Management and Permaculture"
Peter Hirst
"Milpa Agroforestry"
Julian Dominic
"Edible Landscaping in Seattle"
Jessi Bloom

Session 5

10:30 am Basics Green & Resilient Urban Rural Social Economy
  TBA TBA "Apartment Scale Permaculture"
Raylene Harden
"Ecology and Guild Lessons Learned on Farm"
Helen Atthowe
"Virtues and Pitfalls of Biochar"
Melanie Rios
"Succeeding Without Effort - Permaculture Business Ethics & Principles"
Aaron Armstrong
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Annual Meeting
2:30 pm Regional Breakouts
3:30 pm Closing Circle
4:00 pm Breakdown and Departure