Session by Session Workshop Schedule is now up !

September 30 version

This first draft of the session by session schedule has over 80 choices. 35 of the presentations are by men, 21 are by women and the rest are round-tables, panels and networking sessions.  The schedule will continue to evolve all the way to the event and during the event. Here are the offerings and their times.  There will be changes and additions. If you know anything we have left out, please let us know. We expect to see over 100 things on the schedule by the time all is said and done.


8:00-9:30 pm : Keynote talk by Paul Stamets

9:45 – 10:15. Short networking meetings to plan for the weekend. Ad hoc scheduling.
>> Permaculture Pioneers Caucus. 
>> Millennials Caucus
>> Communities seeking people, People seeking Communities. Networking Session.
>> Indigenous caucus.
>> Women’s Circle.


6:30 – 7:30 am:  Yoga, Qigong, open scheduling.

9:30-10:30: Keynote talk by Pandora Thomas.

10:45 – 12:15: Workshop Period A
>> More about Fukuoka and Natural Farming , Larry Korn.
>> Fruit Gardens at the Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation. 6 acres and 20 years. Kristan Johnson.
>> Introduction to Biochar Making: uses, etc. Paul Taylor
>> Green Gardening Methods that Really Work. Michael Laurie and Diane Emerson. Walk-ins welcome.
>> Legal issues in Permaculture: land use/zoning, building codes, food laws, etc. Elizabeth Dunne, Attorney.
>> How Clay Soil can save the world. No till, mulch, carbon sequestration, dryland. Will Carey
>> Valuing the Edge, Hugelkultur, Aaron Armstrong.
>> Building a Water Alliance: rainwater, groundwater, stormwater and more. Ryan Vogel.
>> Access to land. Roundtable. Bruce Horowitz.
>> Singing in the Great Turning. Gretchen Sleicher
>> S’Klallam Storytelling. Elaine Grinnell. Jamestown S’Klallam elder.
>> Deep Herbalism, Morgan Brent
>> Beginner Fiber Weaving for kids. Irene Hinkle
>> Tannins and Tannin rich plants: food, forage, medicine and technology. Benjamin Pixie.
>> Fall fruit tree pruning, restoration & vitality. Rhonda Ann Barbieri.

12:30 – 1:45:  Lunch. Table discussions can be scheduled.

2:00 – 3:30:  Workshop Period B
>> Indigenous Voices Panel.
>> Temperate Fruit Exploration in Eurasia and North America. Jim Gilbert.
>> The Ultimate food plant - Chestnuts in the Northwest. Michael Dolan.
>> Biochar in your garden, Ken Miller. Charging biochar and carbon cycling, Mike Maki.
>> Permaculture in remote areas. International permaculture . Brent Naylor and Roundtable.
>> Zone zero: Towards an embodied Activism. Nala Walla.
>> Permaculture in prison and horticultural halfway houses. Mike Maki.
>> Terra Lingua: Industrial agriculture is obsolete. Charlotte Anthony.
>> Recoding for Permacultue. Legalizing sustainability. Molly Winter.
>> Working with the weeds. Kateen Fitzgerald.
>> Love, food & death. Perspectives on building & sustaining communities. Lindsay Hagamen and Andrew Schrieber.
>> Affordable Housing: Pollination and Permaculture. Julian Dominic.
>> Grafting, orchard pests, fruit growing. Ed Suij.
>> Wld Vegetable fermentation. Tara Whitsett.
>> Micro-gasifier stove demo. Francesco Tortorici.
>> Scythes: The cutting edge. Brian Kerkvliet.
>> Community Plant Walk,  Terri Wilde.

4:00 – 5:30:  Workshop Period C
>> Reliable Fruit Tree Varieties for the Northwest. Sam Benowitz.
>> Core elements of thriving communities – Slideshow of six European communitieis. Tracie Sage.
>> Biochar in Gardens. Ring of Fire biochar maker. Norm T. Baker.
>> Adaptive beekeeping: Integrated pest management and more. Travis Rowland
>> Rethinking Home: Shelters that work with nature. Bomum  Bock-Chung.
>> Pemaculture in Southern Belize. Marisha Auerbach.
>> Fractal permaculture; Local, bioregional and global. Mark Rabinowitz.
>> Bounty fron the Forest edge. Heidi Bohan.
>> Hugelkuture, ponds, swales and dirt work. Albert Postema.
>> The World needs permaculture solutions now! Charlotte Anthony and Roundtable.
>> Earth Repair: A permaculture approach. Michael Pilarski.
>> Ecstatic Dance. Bruce Horowitz.
>> Women’s Circle: Women in permaculture. Stormy Ganton and Roundtable. 
>> Fermenting the harvest: fruit, wines, cider and meads. Rhonda Ann Barbieri
>> Focus on nuts. Heidi Bohan
>> Native Seed Walkabout.  Forest Shomer.
>> Decolonization. Roundtable.

6:00 – 7:30: Dinner & dinner discussion groups.

8:30 – 9:30 Open scheduling for caucuses or discussions.


6:30 – 7:30 am: Yoga, Qigong, open scheduling.

10:30 – 12:00: Workshop Period D
>> Holistic Management: Intensive grazing systems & more. Sandy Matheson and Maurice Robinette.
>> Remarkable fruit crops for the northwest: kiwi berries, figs and mulberries. Michael Dolan.
>> Tribal food sovereignty. Kezia Wentworth.
>> Engineering and fabrication services: Working with machinery. Dan Benowitz,
>> North Olymic Peninsula Biochar users/producers. Francesco Tortorici. Biochar at Finn River Farm.  Bryan Balder.
>> Localizing our legal system. Elizabeth Dunne.
>> Bee social network: modern beekeeping. Travis Rowland.
>> Urban Permaculture: replace your lawn with an edible forest. Pat Rasmussen.
>> Nursery Production Panel. Jim Gilbert, Ann Schwartz, tba
>> Tearing down the silos. Integrating Permaculture, Transition, SpiritNature & Mythology. Willi Paul.
>> Scaling up! Collaborations to take us to the next level. Andrew Millison.
>> Low-tech human poop compost design. Terri Wilde.
>> Tortillas and climate change. Mayan agroforestry. Julian Dominic.
>> Evolution of the Bullock Brothers Homestead. Doug and Joe Bullock.
>> Weaving Weeds.  Irene Hinkle.
>> Ecological Eating. Nala Walla.
>> Goat Milking demo. Lacia Lynne Bailey.
>> Beneficial Plants of Marrowstone Lighthouse Point. Rhonda Ann Barbieri.

12:00 – 1:15:  Lunch. Table discussions can be scheduled.

1:30 – 2:30:  Workshop Period E. Special interest groups.  Workshops. Regional breakouts.
>> Sustainability Lessons for homesteaders from traditional Japan. Dave Boehnlein.
>> Aspects of Regime change.  Jan Spencer.
>> Organic raspberry and blueberry production. Ann Schwartz.
>> Biochar Panel Discussion.
>> Creating successful permaculture courses and programs. Bruce Horowitz.
>> Broad Acre permaculture: Why to do it.  Charlotte Anthony.
>> Neurodiversity in permaculture: How do we deal with Aspies. Will Carey.
>> Establishing food forests with swales. Pat Rasmussen. 
>> Herbal medicine making: tinctures, teas and salves. Rhonda Ann Barbieri.
>> NWPCC 2017 planning meeting.
>> Regional breakouts to be determined.

A couple things stand out to me:
>> The Biochar track is outstanding in quality and has something going in every period.
>> The fruit and nut track is strong with 1 or 2 workshops every period.
>> The Indigenous Voices Panel and Native American participation has the potential to activate more permaculture and indigenous peoples’ collaboration.
>> The Holistic Management meets permaculture session is a promising synthesis.
>> The sharing of multiple generations.
>> A strong skillshare presence.
>> Plant walks almost every session.
>> A social permaculture aspect.
>> Communities could be a track.
>> The offerings overall are very diverse. 
>> Not many people will complain they couldn’t find anything they were interested in attending.
>> There are a number of sessions on legalities and recoding.
>> There are lots of sessions on growing food and gardening .
>> There is an international component.
>> Our regional permaculture movement is pretty strongly Euro-American, but there are stirring signs of awareness.

Evolutionary potential.
>> We expect to see more networking sessions and roundtables happen than is indicated in this schedule.
>> We will see what regional breakouts want to happen. 
>> There can be a lot of open-space scheduling during mealtimes and evenings as well as in the last session on Sunday.
>>There will be an emphasis on the convergence of the generations, pioneers, millennials, and everyone in between. 
>> There will be more bonds of friendship and deeper bonds of friendship as a result of our coming together.  Building community. Building capacity. Building a more ecological and more socially-just world.

Building and strengthening our web of relationships.
Celebration and fun!
Getting together, face-to-face, heart-to-heart, feeds our Spirit.
Gives us strength to fight for Mother Earth.
Please join us.

Michael Pilarski – Event Coordinator