Sustainable Garden Design

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Sustainable Garden Design

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Jeanmarie Morelli’s Sustainable Garden Design includes landscape designing, garden consulting, and coaching to empower people of Jefferson County to create ecological and edible landscape gardens.

Featuring hand–drawn landscape plans based on determining the client’s dreams and needs along with my knowledge of ecological principles and design aesthetics.

Sustainable landscapes
Native Plants in harmony with environment
Edible landscapes & attractive kitchen gardens
Drought tolerant plants
Respect for water in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains

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Jeanmarie Morelli has enjoyed a 35-year career in ecological horticulture and sustainable agriculture. This background includes running Rainshadow Gardens in PT for 20 years, writing a gardening column in the Port Townsend Leader for seven years, and earning a Permaculture Design Certificate from Oregon State University in winter of 2015.Other permaculture experience includes a month-long workshop in Oaxaca in 1993 with Ianto Evans, and assisting in a wildcrafting workshop with Michael Pilarski and Penny Livingston in 1996. Jeanmarie also taught organic gardening at UCSC Farm and Garden for 4 years in the mid-1980’s and had a market garden in Missouri. In addition, Jeanmarie has taught workshops and courses on landscape design, ethnobotany, garden design for bird habitat, fruit tree pruning, herb cultivation, seed saving, insect identification and pest management.

Port Townsend

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