Workshop Spaces

Here is a description of the various workshop spaces we will be using at Fort Flagler.  [Note I use the generic word ‘workshop’ here to include panels, round-tables, working groups, caucuses, meetings, discussions, demonstrations, hands-on, etc.]. We will post a list of workshops and times just before the convergence, but will not post the locations. There will be open-space scheduling at the convergence as well.
The first 8 spaces will be used for power point presentations.
The Theatre.  Our biggest indoor space. Holds over 200. We will have keynote talks here, large power-point workshops, some plenary sessions and the Saturday evening contra dance.
The Rec Hall.  Large space. Can fit 100 people.  There may be some vendor tables in one end if the weather is inclement.  In the back is a small kitchen which we plan to set up as the tea kitchen (seating would be outside under a canopy).
Richmond Dorm dining hall.  Seats 80 or so.
5 large cabins. Can fit 30 or so,
6 small cabins. Fits 10 to 15.  Not big enough for powerpoints, but for a small group a computer screen would suffice.
In 2012, some of the workshops in the cabins were full to overflowing with people standing on the porch.  It was nice weather so many non-power point workshops met outside their cabins in the open air.
Three skylodges. Circular, quadrapod structures with heavy canvas tarps that look akin to a stretched-out tipi. The largest is 55-foot diameter. The other two slightly smaller.
55-foot diameter skylodge. This will be a workshop area by day and song circles in the evening.  It will have lots of chairs, benches and rug space.  Easily fits 100. The heat source will be a large biochar burner called the Kon-Tiki kiln.
50-foot diameter skylodge #1. Fruit & Nut Display Skylodge. This will be full of tables of fruit and nuts.
50-foot diameter skylodge #2. This will be for overflow fruit and nut display and a workshop space for the fruit and nut workshops which don’t use powerpoints. Perhaps a music place at night.
Healing Area. A 20x20’ canopy for workshops relating to the healing arts.  It will be adjacent to one of the large cabins set up for massages, as well as adjacent to herbal and healing arts booths.
Skillshare area. This will be an area with many outdoor booths, displays and hands-on work going on.  It looks like about 20 in all including the Wilderness Awareness  School, Alderleaf Wilderness College, Heidi Bohan and Irene Hinkle.
Biochar Kilns Demo area. The many biochar presenters are bringing an assortment of various biochar kilns of all sizes, and they are planning on having many of them fired up throughout the convergence and we can use them for gathering spaces in the evening. They produce much less emissions than other kinds of fire and half of the carbon is turned into biochar with a life expectancy of 1100 years of carbon sequestration, and they have way cool, light effects!
This is a total of 14 indoor spaces and over 20 outdoor spaces. They are spread out over a large area so we have changed the schedule slightly so that there is a half hour time period between workshop sessions.
If the weather is nice, there are dozens of additional nooks and crannies to have outdoor discussions in.  In inclement weather there are a few porches and indoor spots we could cobble together as workshop spaces.
We are concerned that we have enough big spaces for power point presentations to meet the demand.  We will do the best we can to insure that there is enough room in every workshop space.  There will easily be 100 things on the schedule, so that spreads the crowd out a lot. If we have 400 people attending workshops and 20 things going on each session, that averages out to 20 people per workshop but as we all know some workshops will attract more participants than others. The circles and plenary sessions are when we will work out the final schedule.  Show up and participate in the process. There will be lots to choose from!

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