Young Adult CaucusYoung adults who attend NWPCC are invited to caucus to discuss how they would like permaculture to evolve to meet the needs of their generation.  What advice do they have for permaculture in general? What messages would they like to pass on to the other permaculture generations?  What do they have to contribute?  How can permaculture be more relevant to the current times we are in? 
How can permaculture offer young people a more appealing life path than going through the student debt/jobs/mortgages path.  These are just a few ideas.  It is the young people who attend who can give voice and direction to how they’d like to make their presence felt at this NWPCC convergence of the generations. This can include presentations, round-table discussions, caucuses, what have you.
We are looking for several young people to facilitate whatever this track. 
For the time being, send ideas, proposals, offers of help to Michael Pilarski.  Hopefully we can have a young team come together before the convergence to help get the ball rolling.
We know the economic situation is difficult for many young people, Our financial situation doesn’t allow us to let people in on account of their age, but we have a large budget for half and full work trade for those who need it.

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