The Northwest Permaculture Convergence is hosting a skill-share village for learning practical skills on the spot, with hands-on activities and demonstrations. Things are built and created. Homestead, ancestral and primitive skills. Smithing, spinning, weaving, fiber craft, skills, napping, firemaking, tanning, etc. are demonstrated or hands-on. The Skillshare Village will have a schedule of activities throughout Saturday and Sunday.

NWPCC is October 7-9 at Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island (near Port Townsend, Washington). We are expecting between 300 and 500 people.
You are invited to have a booth, tent or station to do your activities, show your stuff, and do education.  Outreach and sales are encouraged. Generally we do not pay presenters, but we can waive admission.  Meals are included.
For NWPCC contact Hannah at

The Skillshare Village will be a happening place! Check out the opportunities.

You can learn practical skills on the spot, with hands-on activities and demonstrations. Things are built and created. Homestead, ancestral and primitive skills.

Alderleaf Wilderness College.

Wolf Camp and The Conservation College. Charlie Borrowman and Sarah Inskeep, lead instructors for Wolf Camp and the Conservation College, will be sharing wilderness skills at their booth on Saturday, including wild edible foods, herbal medicines, animal tracking, subsistence fishing rigs, fire by friction, traditional crafts demonstrations like brain-tanned hides, and quick bows/arrows, and more.

Wilderness Awareness School.

Pixie Honey Company. Benjamin Pixie can be found with his booth full of honey and herb products at primitive skills and grassroots gatherings. He will share information on the many uses of tannin plants, herbs, and useful plants in general. 

Heidi Bohan. Focus on Nuts. We will use basic equipment to create expelled oil from walnuts, nut butters, acorn meal, and other products from locally grown nuts such as walnuts, acorns, hazelnuts, chestnuts and more. (This will complement the workshop 'Bounty of the Forest Edge')

Irene Hinkle. "Finer Fiber Arts". Weaving Weeds. Learn how to make use of your garden trimmings, woody waste or invasive plants to create beautiful and function baskets.

The Biochar demo area will be part of the Skillshare area.  There will be lots of biochar stoves to look at in operation.  State-of-the art grassroots. Demos by Paul Taylor, Francesco Tortorici, Norman T. Baker and others.

Earthen building. Joseph Becker of Ion Ecobuilding  and Tanner Milleran.

Felting. By Jaydee and Mike.

Brian Kerkvliet, display of scythes and tools.  Some scything.

Travis Rowland. Sovereign Honey will have a booth about honeybees.

Shayna "Shae Le Fae" Wiseman from The Faery Apothecary will demonstrate buckskin sewing. Materials: Brain tanned buckskin, bark tanned rabbit, antler buttons, deer hocks. The Faery Apothecary is an herbal apothecary, storytelling theater and museum of magic created to revitalize long forgotten traditions of folk medicine, artisan craft and storytelling.

Jen Witsoe. Fiber for everyone! dog hair and nettles

Goat Camp

Lacia Lynne Bailey is bringing her goats and there will be goat milking demonstrations in the morning. class of goat guilds

Pat Rasmussen is bringing her goats for show and tell.

Healing Area

The Healing Area is across the road from Skillshare Village and will feature booths and workshops by

Mountain Spirit Herbs. Denise Joy.

Pleasure Medicine. Leigh Senna Wheaton.

Circle of Healing Essential Oils. Michelle Mahler.

Tai chi for farmers & gardeners. 2 hour a day. Michael Kessler.

Cranial sacral, Ann Egerton.

Massage, acro yoga therapy, somatic awareness training, sound healing, and/or qi gong. Keegan Meade.

Massage. Colin Hempstead.

Morning Qi Gong. Jacqueline Cramer.

Besides all this there will be lots more booths in the Permaculture Expo area.