Seed Exchange!

We are going to have a seed exchange at the Northwest Permaculture Convergence. Marisha Auerbach, Paige and Skeeter are the initial focalizers.

Please bring seeds to offer into the swap. It's a seed swap, not a seed giveaway. While we tend to focus primarily on vegetables, medicinals and other "functional" species, seeds for ornamentals are welcome too. Please make sure your seeds are labeled as to species and variety (and also open-pollinated vs. hybrid, if known). It would be great to know the location where the seeds were saved as well.  Please don't bring unknown seeds or seeds that are too old to germinate reliably. You could consider seeds that are more than 6 years old, too old. No GMO or fumigated seeds, please...  If your seeds are between 2-4 years old, we may want to combine them with other seeds for making seedballs.  Bring containers to take seeds home in (small jars, empty seed packets, empty teabag packets, etc.)

If you do not have seeds to share, no problem. Just make sure to save seeds from the seeds you gather and bring them back for next year's seed exchange!