will be held October 7-9, 2016 at Fort Flagler on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula. The 5th NWPCC was also held at Fort Flagler. Michael Pilarski will help coordinate local logistics for the convergence. Anyone like to join this team?
For updates and details, keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page.

The 2015 NWPCC was held

August 28 - 30

at the River Road Recreation Center in Eugene, OR.

The annual Northwest Permaculture Convergence was a unique opportunity to share permaculture skills, stories and fun with others who are working to build resilient communities. The 2015 Convergence was the first ever to be hosted in a suburban neighborhood. In Eugene, host city for the event, there were many impressive sites to show and stories to tell about greening our lives, neighborhoods and communities.

Video Highlights of the 2015 NWPCC from Trudy and Steve, the folks at the 4th Wave/Adventures in Permaculture.

The 2015 Convergence theme was “Greening Our Neighborhoods With Permaculture.”

The Convergence explored a wide range of social, economic and appropriate technology topics and issues, both urban and rural, ranging in scope from home-based to regional-scale, and included hands-on, participatory workshops. The intent was to showcase “evidence of a preferred future” and to demonstrate how we can move these timely models and prototypes further into the Mainstream.

The weekend started Friday with an impressive set of site tours. Saturday and Sunday featured indoor panels and presentations. The innovative Green Neighborhood Summit took place on Saturday along with the outdoor Expo and Skill-Share.

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