The NW Permaculture Convergence Board is happy to announce...

...a new partnership (umbrellad-er-ship) for the 2014 season. We encourage all our members to attend the Whatcom Skillshare Faire happening August 23-24 outside of Bellingham. We will have a 'Permaculture' area of the fair and on Sunday morning will hold our annual meeting there.

The Skillshare is a project of Transition Whatcom, and the worldwide Transition movement began with a Permaculture course! (toot toot)

Registration happens through the Faire and we are able to offer a discounted meal plan for members (see below).

Also, we are looking for several hardy volunteers to help with setup and breakdown of our area on Friday and Sunday evening. If interested in that, please send an email to

For many reasons, we are tickled with this partnership. Not the least of these reasons being that many wonderful permaculture events are happening this summer!

See you at the Skillshare!

Or, if you're a woman, see you at the West Coast Women's Permaculture Gathering happening this year in Washington.

Or, if you'd like to converge with the whole western hemisphere, see you at the North American Convergence (link)

~ the NW Permaculture Convergence board

Discounted Meal Plan

The Whatcom Skillshare Faire is happy to extend an exclusive meal package offer to NWPCC attendees! The package includes the following four meals, served at our Volunteer Kitchen: Lunch and Dinner on Saturday (August 23) and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday (August 24), and also includes organic tea and coffee on both days.The Skillshare Faire Kitchen is renowned for providing delicious, hearty, GMO-free meals made with ingredients sourced from local farmers and food producers. A salmon dinner will be featured on Saturday night! Gluten Free options will be available.

To sign up for the meal plan, participants must mail a check for $35 made out to 'The Sun Kitchen' by August 15 to:

The Sun Kitchen
201 Carolina Street, # 202
Bellingham, WA 98225

Meal plan participants will pick up their meal tickets at the gate to the festival.

North American Permaculture Convergence: An epic opportunity!

August 29, 30, 31, 2014

Harmony Park, Clark’s Grove, Minnesota
Old and young. Experienced and novice.
The NAPC is a historic moment.
It marks the cusp of a new era, the turning of the wheel, the passing of the guard.
Be a part of this historic event.
This is a meeting of the minds.  This is a gathering of the experts.
This very first North American Permaculture Convergence offers a special opportunity to meet up to 1,000 permaculture movers and shakers from across North America to share our successes and strategize how to create a permaculture future. Permaculture pioneers, authors, teachers, organizers, consultants, visionaries and farmers getting together to talk story and build symbiotic relationships. The NAPC offers the permaculture movement an opportunity to build a more cohesive movement. It offers us a chance to discuss curriculum, certification, organizations, mentoring, etc. Vast amounts of information will be exchanged via workshops, presentations, hands-on activities, roundtables, exposition and many other modalities.
There are a number of levels of participation:
The core group currently comprises 8 people.  Michael Pilarski, Montana; Monica Ibacache, New York; Koreen Brennan, Florida; Bill Busse, Minnesota; Adam Brock, Colorado; Rashid Gilanpour, California; Mario Yanez, Florida; and Sarah Ashley Baxendell, New York.
Paid staff/coordinators.  These are people who take on major responsibilities for specific facets of the event. There are 22 positions at this time, some of which will be co-managed by two people. Unfilled positions will be advertised within the next month.
Action Teams. There are currently 13 Action Teams listed on the NAPC website which people can now join. More teams will be created as we go along.  There is no limit on how many people can be involved in the Action Teams.  All of the Action Teams will be facilitated by a staff person or core group member.
Bioregional reps and advisors. We would like one or more people from each bioregion to do outreach in their bioregion and give us feedback.
Work Trade. NAPC is offering 25 full work trades and 50 half worktrades to people who need financial help to attend.  There is now a place on the website where people can apply for work trade.
Sponsorships. There are varying levels of sponsorships and corresponding benefits.
Permaculture Exposition. The NAPC Exposition will feature a wide array of permaculture organizations, businesses, services and products. Exposition participants can sell books, T-shirts and products. Organizations and companies can promote their causes and services.
Convergence participants. We are anticipating 1,000 permaculturists from around North America to attend. We are keeping admission costs low to enable wide participation. $133 is the early bird price till June 1.  Some scholarships will be available. There will be tours, field trips and special trainings both before and after the NAPC.
Please visit the NAPC website for more information.  Some areas of the website are not functional yet and some need tweaking.  Please bear with us as we move forward.  There is lots to do and we didn’t want to wait any longer to get the show on the road. 


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