Drumroll please...

Sept. 22-24 @ Yale Union

This year's Convergence is going to be REVOLUTIONARY! As every permaculture event should be.

We are bringing together the best of everything to create synergistic systems that are resilient and regenerative. What do you have to bring to the table? Systems that take advantage of all walks of life and value the edges between our many individuals are the very definition of permanent culture. Abandon homogeneity! Embrace diversity! All are welcome!

What do you see as the biggest gaps, the greatest divides, the widest cognitive rifts that we have to overcome in our culture?

Technology <---> Simplicity
Creators <---> Consumers
Production <---> Distribution
Haves <---> Have Nots
Climate Change <---> Action
Culture <---> Culture
Social Homogeneity <---> Diversity
Brain <---> Heart

How can we come together and value our diversity, rather than fight to destroy it??

These are just a few of the questions we are going to approach at the 10th ANNUAL NORTHWEST PERMACULTURE CONVERGENCE!